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About Us

Your Consumer Services, the Debt Management subsidiary of Village Care International was started with one purpose in mind. That sole purpose is to see to it that every consumer being affected by a debt problem gets the help that they need! With credit card debt in excess of 1 trillion dollars and student loan debt exceeding 1.4 trillion, many consumers


find themselves searching for a way out.

Your Consumer Services is a nonprofit agency dedicated to helping consumers find the help they need. Your Consumer Services provides a platform on which all the various forms of debt management are offered. So whether it’s Bankruptcy, Debt Settlement, Credit Counseling, Government or Private Student Loans, Tax Relief or Credit Repair Your Consumer Services can help you find the solution that best suits your specific situation.

We have done the research for you and have partnered with the very best companies in each area of debt management. Our partners all boast outstanding BBB ratings and excellent Customer Service reputations. Call us today or complete the contact form and a Debt Specialist will contact you and do a consultation and help you determine which form of debt management is best suited to help you resolve your debt issue. Don’t forget to check out our parent nonprofit Village Care International to familiarize yourself with the great work we’ve done over the years.