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Service Providers

Our service providers are throughly vetted, have excellent BBB ratings and excellent reputations for both performance and customer service.

KC Credit Services

Credit Repair

We've been in business for over 25 years with an outstanding record with the better business bureau and licensed and bonded with the Missouri Division of Finance. We've continued to grow nationally by word of mouth and by working with Mortgage Company's and Financial Institutions across the country.

Platinum PLUS Credit Restoration Program
The Platinum Plus Program is comprehensive credit restoration, which includes work with the three major credit bureaus (Experian, TransUnion, CSC/Equifax) to correct misleading, inaccurate, and non-verifiable information about you. This program also works with your creditors, providing debt validation to offer relief from unscrupulous and deceptive practices by collection attempts.

If the creditor or collector cannot prove that they have the proper paperwork to collect the debt, then it may be void. Your personal Credit Conciergeô will help you go through the enrollment process, do a forensic audit of all three credit reports, work with you to determine what you believe is inaccurate, and formulate a calculated program that will suit your individual goals.

You will learn how to negotiate your debt with creditors, learn about achieving new, positive trade lines that can affect your score, and how to keep the bureaus from selling your personal data!

Your initial consultation fee is $399 (due the day you become a client after the consultation service) which includes the forensic audit, and then $129 per month after service is performed for you.

Century Settlement

Debt Settlement

Century is one of the nation’s largest companies providing debt settlement services to consumers having trouble with their unsecured debts. Our mission is to help each and every one of our clients resolve their debt in the shortest time possible and to perform in a way that we are extraordinarily responsive, innovative and professional.

Our Settlement experts have many years of experience servicing clients through this process. We will customize a plan that fits your budget and negotiate with your creditors to reach the best settlements for you.

Century provides our clients with the needed partnership to successfully navigate this challenging journey in resolving debt. Our team is dedicated to giving our clients the highest quality experience they can while assisting them with their financial challenges. Our people have a passion for building relationships with our clients that deliver the results they expect from their debt settlement partner.

We understand our clients have very busy lives, so we have designed our program to make it simple and easy to understand, yet allowing them to move through each phase of their settlements as rapidly as possible. We do what we do to improve people’s financial lives. That’s our ‘WHY’ and the powerful cause that inspires us. With core values directed by trust, experience and integrity, Century’s team has devoted itself to providing the best experience for our clients while working on their behalf to ensure their financial freedom.

Fresh Start Tax LLC

Tax Relief

Fresh Start Tax LLC is an IRS Federal and State Tax Resolution and Defense Firm. We are a full-service tax and accounting firm composed of CPAs, former IRS agents, managers and teaching instructors with the principal a contributor on Fox Business News.

Fresh Start Tac can handle all facets of IRS and state tax problems. From simple IRS and state tax notices, to working out resolution with local agents including taking tax cases to appeals.

Fresh Start Tax has over 200 years of tax professional experience and over 100 years of direct IRS working experience in the local offices. We have the largest tax website in the U.S.

Due to our years of experience we understand all the IRS systems and protocols. 
We can change the outcome of many cases in advance because of our expertise in the area.
All our work is done in-house in a quick and efficient way and we pride herself on client communication.

If any client for any reason is unhappy with us or our work product we refund the money without question. We are an A+ rated company without complaint

Fresh Start Tax is a nationwide tax firm that can practice in all 50 states.

The bulk of our work consists of IRS settlements, IRS levies and wage garnishments, Federal Tax Liens, preparing tax returns with or without records, payroll tax matters and all tax audits.

Veritas Legal Plan

Legal Services

Everyone deserves legal protection but not everyone can afford it. Veritas Prepaid Legal is here to help, from defending creditor lawsuits and consumer protection laws to will, trusts, family matters and much more; we have your rights covered.

Welcome to peace of mind…


  • Debt Matters
  • Creditor Lawsuit Defense
  • Credit Monitoring
  • Identity Theft Defense
  • Consumer Protection Defense
  • IRS Tax Audits
  • Chapter 7 & 13 Bankruptcy
  • (IUI) Involuntary Unemployment Insurance
  • Family Matters
  • Adoption
  • Domestic Violence
  • Protection
  • Guardianship (Uncontested)
  • Name Change
  • Prenuptial Agreement
  • Immigration
  • Immigration Assistance
  • Wills
  • Living Wills & Trusts
  • Powers of Attorney
  • Real Estate Matters
  • Boundary or Title Disputes
  • Eviction and Tenant Problems
  • Home Equity Loans
  • Property Tax Assessment
  • Home Sale, Purchase or Refinancing
  • Security Deposit Assistance
  • Personal / Traffic & Criminal Matters
  • Small Claims Assistance
  • Civil Litigation Defense
  • Juvenile Court Defense
  • Personal Property Protection
  • Restoration of Driving Privileges
  • Traffic Ticket Defense (excludes DUI)
  • Document Review & Preparation
  • Affidavits, Deeds Demand Letters
  • Elder Law Matters
  • Review of Personal Legal Documents

This service provides Member with deep discounts on attorney's services and representation from a comprehensive list of legal services. Considering the evolving landscape of Debt Relief laws, Veritas Legal Plan has developed an extremely cost effective Legal Plan which offers consumers and business owners legal representation by a local attorney when sued in any debt collection matter.

The Veritas Legal Plan provides consumers the security and comfort of knowing the expense of legal representation will never be an issue. Members are covered in the event they are sued while allowing time to accumulate settlement funds. Attorney representation helps ensure members legal rights are protected and appropriate defenses are asserted, and creditors do not obtain quick default judgments.

Millenial Law Group Logo

Millennial Law Group

Private Student Loan Services

Millennial Law has over 50 years of experience in the Financial Consumer Advocacy area and our Consumer Advocacy lawyers encourages and are promoters of consumer rights.
When debt arises, you need experienced attorneys to navigate you through the perplexity of achieving Consumer Advocacy. Therefore, choosing the right firm is vital in your pursuit of achieving your financial goals. The attorneys at Millennial Law are dedicated to “helping America regain its financial freedom…one client at a time”.

Once we accept your case, we are committed to you and your cause and take the necessary steps towards helping you achieve financial freedom. We understand that dealing with debt can be an emotional and financial burden. Your case will be managed with compassion and reliability, providing you with personal attention and assistance through the complete process.

We are a law firm that directly works with lenders through a multi-step process: case evaluation, loan validation, document review, and negotiation.

We advocate for our clients consumer rights to achieve a resolution that will enable them to achieve the financial freedom they desire.

Student Loan Support Services Logo

Student Loan Support Services

Federal Student Loan Services

Student Loan Support Services specializes in helping Federal Student Loan Borrowers with the different options that are available to them when it comes to paying their Federal Student Loan Debt.

There are numerous government based assistance programs that borrowers could potentially qualify for. There are Loan Consolidation programs, Loan Forgiveness programs, Income Driven Repayment Programs and Loan Discharge Programs.

Most borrowers are able to qualify for at least one of the programs offered by the US Department of Education. We are a document preparation company that assists the borrower with the preparation and filling of all necessary documents and applications to enter into one or more of the assistance programs offered by the US Department of Education that they may qualify for.

We often see our clients being approved for payments as low as $0 per month based off their family size and income when enrolling into an Income Driven Repayment Plan.

If the borrower works for a nonprofit organization or is a government employee, they may qualify for Loan Forgiveness after 120 consecutive payments. Teachers often qualify for instant partial forgiveness of their loans based on what they teach and how long they’ve been teaching for.

We are able to review our clients Federal Student Loans and consult with them about what options are available when it comes to repaying their student loans. Once our clients have decided which program(s) they’d like to enroll in, we prepare all the documents and applications to submit on their behalf.

BK Legal Team


If you are struggling to pay off delinquent debts and being harassed by collection agencies, a bankruptcy attorney can help.

It is not unusual for individuals in the current "survival of the fittest" scenario to struggle to pay their bills, feed their families, and hang on to their homes. Eventually, it comes to a point where it is just not possible to make ends meet anymore. If you are facing this situation, help is just a call away. We offer bankruptcy services that are reliable and affordable.

Once we help you to file for bankruptcy, your creditors will no longer be allowed to contact you directly, and the bank will have to stop trying to foreclose on your home.

Contact us for a FREE case evaluation

We will review your case to determine whether bankruptcy is right for you. We will explain your options and analyze your financial situation to see if you qualify for bankruptcy or other debt relief options.


What is Chapter 7 bankruptcy?
Chapter 7 bankruptcy is a court process that is designed to wipe out credit card debt, medical debt, and other types of unsecured debts for people who can no longer afford to repay them.

How does Chapter 13 differ from Chapter 7?
Chapter 13 allows you to pay your debts over an extended period using a court-approved, supervised, and enforced payment plan. Not all creditors need be paid in full and unpaid amounts will be discharged. Chapter 7 offers a fresh start, when a discharge order is entered in a Chapter 7 case – often just four to five months after filing – most unsecured debt is eliminated. That means creditors and collection agencies are violating a court order if they ever try to collect that money again.

Why do people choose to file Chapter 7 over Chapter 13 bankruptcy?
To qualify for a chapter 7 bankruptcy, your income must fall within the State means test and vary state to state so call for a free consultation to see if you qualify

How can filing for bankruptcy help with creditors?
The minute you file your bankruptcy petition, the court will notify all of your creditors of your bankruptcy filing and tell them that they may no longer call you or write you letters. If your creditors continue to harass you after receiving notice of your bankruptcy, they are subject to sanctions by the bankruptcy court.